FIPRES consists of 3 main products (rFPT, FPA and FPC), which work together and provide information regarding the dangerous overheating remotely through SCADA system and discrete output. There is an auxiliary product – vFPT, which allows the maintenance team to increase the efficiency of scheduled visual inspections.

rFPT is a thermolabel that has 2 parts: visual indicative part (white) and yellow part with encapsulated safe signal gas, releasing at a certain temperature. This thermolabel is intended to be glued close to electrical contacts prone to be loosened.

The visual indicative part has 3 or 4 white dots, which turn black as soon as contact reaches a certain temperature level. Each dot has a different temperature of activation, allowing to know which exactly degree of overheating happened.

Material with signal gas has a foam structure with tiny capsules with signal gas inside. This gas is colorless, non-toxic for humans and the environment, chemically stable, which means that it doesn’t react with other chemicals or coatings inside the electrical panel.

The validity period of rFPT is 10 years, but we recommend replacing it with a new one after each operation.

FPA is a gas sensor. It’s intended to detect a concentration of signal gas higher than an activation threshold. It can be connected to the SCADA system thanks to an integrated Modbus interface. There are 2 types of FPA: FPA 24/X (0.1, 0.3, 1) and FPA 24(4S). The main difference between these devices is the number of gas sensors. FPA 24/X has only one gas sensor located inside the case of FPA. Meanwhile, FPA 24(4S) has 4 corded sensors, while the body is used only to hold the processor and logic board. FPA 24(4S) ’s main advantage is that it can be used for large switchgear with few separated compartments (e.g., busbars compartment, incoming cables compartment, CB compartment, etc.)

FPC is a hub to work simultaneously with up to 32 FPAs. It’s more convenient to use if you have no SCADA system because the maintenance team can observe events log and status information from a display. FPC has a speaker for audible warning and a GSM module to send ALARM message to duty personnel's cellphone. As well as FPA, FPC can be connected to SCADA and be a transmitter in chain FPAs-FPC-SCADA.

The easiest product in FIPRES range is vFPT. It’s a thermolabel with 3 wave-shaped white curves. As well as thermoindication dots, these curves irreversibly turn and stay black after reaching activation temperature. vFPT is intended to use indoor and works as a perfect assistant to the inspection team since it can be glued in every point of the electrical panel and hold information about overheating between 2 visual inspections, thanks to the one-time principle of activation.

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