FPC – Fire Prevention Concentrator

FPC – Fire Prevention Concentrator

  • FPC – Fire Prevention Concentrator
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FPC – Fire Prevention Concentrator

  • Gather information from up to 32 FPAs
  • LCD display for easy access by maintenance personnel
  • Events log, speaker and powerful dry contact output
  • Optional GSM module to send an SMS to duty staff
  • Can transmit information to SCADA/BMS

Fire Prevention Concentrator (FPC) is a hub which gather information from up to 32 FPAs. It monitors the status of all connected FPAs and displays current operation mode. FPC has a log, stored in non-volatile memory with all events.

FPC has an LCD display with backlight, status indicators, a speaker for audible warning and a three-button keyboard.

Modbus interface, GSM module and dry contact output are available for communication.

Supply voltage: 100-240 V AC (220 V AC is nominal)

Type of connection: RS-485 Modbus RTU

Outputs: RS-485 Modbus RTU

Modbus connection type: 9600 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, none-parity

Number of connected FPA: up to 32

Discrete outputs: dry contact output (220 V AC, 7 A)

Dimensions: 200x270x48 mm

Lifetime: 10 years

 Item name  Reference  Description 
 FPC 220S  FP.CU.S000.01.WW basic version
 FPC 220S (GSM)  FP.CU.SGSM.01.WW FPC with additional GSM module

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