1. A unique lightning protection solution for overhead line: Line Lightning Protection Devices with EasyQuench (EQ) technology

The EasyQuench Technology has been invented and patented by Streamer. It is a very cost-effective way to protect overhead lines against the effect of lightning (conductor/ insulator breakage, short circuit, etc.).

The EasyQuench Technology already has 20 years of experience and more than 1 Million of these LLPDs have been installed worldwide (Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, UAE, Iran, Vietnam).

2. Most efficient solution for moisture removing of the transformers

Transformer drying solution TRANSEC is an online drying solution for oil insulated transformers of all sizes. It can be installed, operated, and regenerated while the Transformer is running and operational. It pumps the transformer oil continuously through its cylinders and thereby extracts the moisture smoothly from the paper. Due to the robust design and its operation principle, TRANSEC is the most cost-efficient drying solution for Transformer!

3. Fire Prevention and overheating control system for electrical cabinets

FIPRES detects abnormal overheating of electrical equipment, allowing to avoid fire and related to it material damage, profit loss and life threats.

In a nutshell, the system consists of thermolabels (rFPT), a special gas sensor (FPA), and a concentrator unit (FPC).

rFPT is a sticker made of composite material with encapsulated gas inside. These stickers are glued at the contact connections (CB inputs/outputs, bus-bars, cable terminations, etc.). Since the contact is heated up to the activation temperature of the sticker, rFPT releases safe and non-toxic signal gas. This gas is detected by FPA, which in turn sends ALARM signal to maintenance personnel through Modbus, dry contact relay, or via SMS in case of using with FPC.

FIPRES offers a new and unique solution at an affordable price that takes utility and industrial companies to a new level of safety and maintenance efficiency.

4. Monitoring of lightning activity and protection equipment
For over 20 years, Streamer has dedicated its research activities to lightning and surges qualification and protection. This new range of products aims as a contribution to our customer to understand the origin of surges, their parameters, and impact on equipment as well as giving a clear and understandable forecast on lifespan on protection devices.
This range of products can be applied at monitoring of lightning equipment, such as rod, surge arrester, line lightning protection devices (LLPD), external line gapped arrester (EGLA), metal oxide arresters (MOA), surge protection devices (SPD), transmission line arresters (TLA), ground lead, ground rod.

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