Site survey service

Reference: LL.SR.INSP.00.WW

Data acquisition is an important step on the way to efficient lightning protection. To collect the information, it is important to be an experienced specialist in order to know what is relevant to the lightning assessment study.

The Streamer inspection team will collect essential information about specific overhead power lines on-site. Our experts visit the line in order to analyse the potential origin of outages due to lightning strikes. With our lightning assessment experience, we:

  • Review the profile of the line
  • Visit each different environment area
  • Check all types of poles

This information helps to investigate all issues and prepare the most adapted solution taking into consideration the following basic line parameters:

  • Operating voltage
  • Type of terrain
  • Altitude
  • Evaluation of short circuit currents
  • Lightning flash density

As well as detailed data about each type of pole, such as:

  • Height of structures
  • Type of insulators
  • Materials and dimensions of structural elements
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In accordance to the result of the survey, Streamer issues a detailed technical report, including collected data regarding all visited poles with photos and GPS locations,  containing comprehensive information about the equipment of each pole type. This data can be used for a qualitative lightning assessment.

Lightning assessment service

Reference: LR.SR.LASS.00.WW

Lightning assessment service will help the client to achieve the understanding about:

  • Most dangerous line sections 
  • Several solutions for line protection
  • Number of protective devices required and cost-efficiency analysis
  • The line outage status with or without protectionIn order to evaluate the line lightning performance, Streamer R&D team creates the mathematical model of overhead power line using software based on the IEEE  Guide for improving the lightning performance of electric power overhead distribution lines and longstanding professional experience. Lightning assessment service  includes three options

  1. Evaluation of lightning performance with/without protection
  2. Selection of protective devices and their deployment in order to reach a certain level of line performance
  3. Guidelines of most efficient way to deploy a certain amount of protective devices along the line

Designing services

Reference: LL.SR.DSGN.00.WW

For some challenging cases it is not possible to use traditional mounting options (with already existing accessories), and then solutions for specific poles/towers should be developed. The Streamer Electric design team can provide this service.

Reference: LL.SR.BLUP.00.WW

To gain a complete understanding of the mounting construction, Streamer Electric can propose and create detailed blueprints for each client.

The Streamer design team will elaborate additional supporting design documentation which includes:

  • 3D drawings for a specific construction of the pole, bracket or LLPD installation scheme
  • Development of specific construction
  • CAD designing documentation of construction to provide the blueprint design
  • Backup documentation about deployment of new and existing equipment


Installation supervision

Reference: LL.SR.SINS.00.WW

During LLPD installation Streamer Electric will provide supervision service field support engineers, installation, assistance and training on-site.

As a result, Streamer Electric provides a report which contains advice about LLPD installation for the current overhead power line with backup documentation about deployment of new and existing equipment.


Turnkey solution

Reference: LL.SR.TRNK.00.WW

When the turnkey solution option is utilized, the project  receives complex follow-up support, containing all available  services in one package:

  • Site survey
  • Lightning assessment 
  • Design services 
  • Installation supervision
The multifaceted approach helps to prepare the most cost-effective solution to protect your overhead power line against lightning activity as well as detailed documentation of LLPD installation and maintenance guidelines for the service company.


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