A unique & efficient technology for Line Lightning Protection

EasyQuench is a unique technology, developed and being improved since 1996 by Streamer. Products featuring the EasyQuench technology protect overhead lines against direct and indirect lightning strikes, thus helping to prevent breakage of conductors, insulators and power outages. Due to their operating principle, line lightning protection devices (LLPDs) do not require any special grounding (e.g. a ground lead). Therefore, these devices are especially efficient in areas with high soil resistivity. 

The Operating principle of LLPDs with the EasyQuench system is based on the following concepts: 

1. Insulation coordination. Coordination of lightning protection devices with line insulation is necessary to ensure proper operation and is achieved by adjusting BIL (CFO) of LLPD so that it is lower than those of the protected insulator. By fulfilling this requirement, it can be guaranteed that in case of a direct or an indirect lightning strike, the LLPD will operate correctly and prevent flashovers of the protected insulator. 

2. Follow current interruption. Since all power lines are connected to transformers, when there’s a flashover of LLPD somewhere on the line, a power frequency short-circuit current (or follow current) starts flowing immediately through it. Thanks to the EasyQuench system, LLPD can interrupt the fault current within one half of the period.

The EasyQuench system consists of a series of small discharge/arcing chambers, being formed by two adjacent metal electrodes placed in a silicone rubber body. Electrodes are separated from each other with tiny air gaps, that break down as soon as the LLPD is subjected to lightning overvoltage.

When a follow current starts flowing through the EasyQuench system, it immediately gets split into a series of small power arcs located inside the device. Each of the miniature arcs is then quenched individually.

When power frequency follow current crosses zero, it is eliminated. The line then immediately gets back to normal operation, therefore no short circuit will be sensed by protection relays and there will be no outage or power supply interruption. 

Diagram of discharge initiation

Снимок экрана 2022-04-01 в 13.50.16.png    

Diagram of discharge completion

Снимок экрана 2022-04-01 в 13.50.38.png  

EasyQuench Benefits

  • PREVENTS outages on the line
  • PROTECTS overhead lines from direct lightning strike and induced overvoltage 
  • NO DEDICATED GROUNDING to be arranged
  • NO MAINTENANCE required
  • Works perfectly in areas with HIGH SOIL RESISTIVITY
  • Quenches follow current (short circuit current) in LESS THAN ONE SEMIPERIOD OF INDUSTRIAL POWER FREQUENCY 
  • ONE TIME investment
  • 20 YEARS life expectancy

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