Financial benefit example of using TRANSEC

It is easy to understand that delaying a significant investment represents financial savings for a company. The amount of money not invested can generate interests interest. Purchasing a power transformer is one of these significant investments, and the more it can be delayed, the better it is. By extending the life expectancy of the transformer, TRANSEC contribute to generating financial benefits to its user. Installing a TRANSEC unit on an old and wet transformer can still extend the unit’s life expectancy by several years. Installed on a new transformer, TRANSEC can push the transformer to its total life expectancy. The table below shows concrete examples of what these savings can represent. Where n is the number of years of transformer life extension. We considered an Interest Rate (IR) of 5% and a price of new transformer (C) constant of the years. 

Cost of a new transformer - 40 MVA

400’000 US$

Saving calculation formula

C * [(1 + IR)n – 1]

TRANSEC life extension on old transformer

5 years


110’512 US$

TRANSEC life extension on new transformer

15 years


431’571 US$

We can see that the amount saved can be even more than the actual cost of a new transformer and, of course, cover several times the price of a TRANSEC unit and its installation. The benefit mentioned above is just one among a batch of gains provided by applying TRANSEC on power transformers. Furthermore, as TRANSEC always maintains a high oil breakdown voltage, it makes the transformer much safer to use and drastically reduces the risk of failure and explosion. Therefore, it would be possible also to lower the user’s insurance premium, which will represent significant savings.

Among all solutions, the TRANSEC Online drying system offers the best extraction price per litre of water. The Low-Frequency Heating (LFH) method can quickly extract a large amount of water, but the operation requires a transformer shut down and is relatively expensive. On the other hand, the oil circulation method is easy to implement and affordable. Still, it extracts only a minimal amount of water (basically only the water dissolved in oil, representing less than 2% of the total volume). 

In the table below, we considered a transformer 40 MVA, 25’000 litres of oil with 20 PPM of moisture. It would require the extraction of 40 litres of water. LFH can do such extraction within one week of the shutdown. TRANSEC will need several years to extract the same amount, but it will be done online, and the transformer will be in operation. For the oil circulation, we considered that it could remove 100% of the water from the oil in a few days, which means half a litre. 


Approximate price per litre of water extracted


1750 US$

Common Oil Circulation

5000 US$


1000 US$

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