Lightning protection

LLPD i20z up to 24 kV (IOV)

  • Protection against: IOV
  • Highest voltage for equipment, kV 24
  • Maximum prospective fault current, kA 1.5
  • Lightning discharge capability, C 2.4
  • Installation 1 piece per pole
  • LLPD i20z up to 24 kV (IOV)
  • LLPD i20z up to 24 kV (IOV)
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Streamer Electric AG is glad to offer you LLPD i20z. Induced overvoltages and damages caused by their propagation along an overhead line remain in the past, once you enhance the protection of your power network by installation of these cost-effective devices. 


  • Highest voltage  for equipment, 24 kV
  • Protects from Induced Overvoltage
  • No maintenance is required

LLPD i20z

The i20z has been designed to ensure the most effective protection from indirect strokes. This device is able to perform as highly effective lightning protection system, providing secure power network operation in 80% of such issues.
What you should know about i20z:

  • Only 1 product per pole is required;
  • Products are installed with phase alternation (А -> B -> C)
  • For the protection of sensitive equipment, such as pole-mounted transformers (PMT), conventional Metal Oxide Arresters are still a must;
  • Highest voltage for equipment can be up to 24 kV.

This device will definitely be of great use and will ensure the highest possible reliability, since its performance has been validated by a series of tests at CESI (Milano) according to the test procedure based on the IEC standard.

Operational Principle

The i20z’s works due to the EasyQuench technology.

This innovative operating principle ensures a high ability to discharge excessive energy of an overvoltage in the surrounding atmosphere.

The induced overvoltage will create an electrical power arc between the terminal electrode of an LLPD and the conductor clamp on a line. At first, the arc will be divided by a series of discharge chambers into a series of small arcs, which afterward are quickly quenched when the oscillating current of the grid crosses zero. 

Parameters of product

Electrical line parameters

Highest voltage for equipment*, kV 24
Maximum prospective fault current, kA 1,5
External air gap, mm 60-80
50% flashover voltage (60 mm air gap), kV <110
Power frequency withstand voltage**,  kV (wet/dry) 30/40

Lightning parameters

    Lightning discharge capability  (200 μs)***, C 2.4
     High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
     Maximum quenching lightning current,  kA 3 (1/50µs)
     Minimum withstand amount of operations 10

General Parameters 

Additional power losses on the line, % 0
Average expected lifespan, years 30
 UV resistance****, h 1000
 Weight, kg 0.43
  Maintenance 1 visual verification/  year

* According to IEC 60038, ** According to IEC 60071-1, *** According to  IEC 60099-8, **** According to ISO 4892-2, method A, IEC 62217



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Tension insulation

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