Lightning protection

LLPD dC20z up to 24 kV (DLS)

  • Protection against DLS, BFO
  • Highest voltage for equipment, kV 24
  • Maximum prospective fault current, kA 5.0
  • Lightning discharge capability, C 2.8
  • Installation 1, 2 or 3 pcs per pole
  • LLPD dC20z up to 24 kV (DLS)
  • LLPD dC20z up to 24 kV (DLS)
  • LLPD dC20z up to 24 kV (DLS)
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LLPD dC20z is aimed to provide cost-effective and innovative lightning protection of overhead power lines. It means that with these devices installed your power network will be secure from direct lightning strikes, back flashovers and induced overvoltages and damage caused by their deleterious consequences.

LLPD dC20z

This device is a representative of the range of products by Streamer, which has been specifically developed for the protection of overhead distribution lines from direct lightning strikes, back flashovers as well as induced overvoltages. It helps to keep power distribution lines safe from insulator/conductor breakages, switchgear trips, and outages.

Main features:

  • easy-to-install;
  • without additional ground lead requirement;
  • any type of pole (wooden, steel, concrete) and insulation;
  • designed for lines with the highest voltage of equipment of 24 kV;
  • bare or covered conductors;
  • life expectancy of 20 years in the harsh environment.

dC20z is a perfect solution that will help to eliminate the lightning damages cost.

Operation principle

This line lightning protection device operates on the basis of energy impulse dissipation. The lightning overvoltage causes a power arc appearing on a power distribution line in case of either direct or indirect stroke impact.

Streamer-manufactured equipment utilizes the innovative EasyQuench technology, which provides assurance that follow current, having the same frequency as the grid, is interrupted at first current zero crossing. It also guarantees a very fast recovery of the electrical properties of the device, making it impossible for the power arc to develop further.


  • Highest voltage  for equipment, 24 kV
  • Protects from Direct Lightning Strike
  • Protects from Induced Overvoltage
  • Protects from Back Flashover
  • No maintenance is required

Parameters of product

Electrical line parameters

Highest voltage for equipment*, kV 24
Maximum prospective fault current, kA 5
External air gap, mm 60-80
50% flashover voltage (80 mm air gap), kV
Power frequency withstand voltage**,  kV (wet/dry) 40/50

Lightning parameters

    Lightning discharge capability  (200 μs)***, C 2.8
     High current impulse (4/10 μs), kA 65
     Maximum quenching lightning current,  kA 20 (8/50µs)
     Minimum withstand amount of operations 10

General Parameters 

Additional power losses on the line, % 0
Average expected lifespan, years 30
 UV resistance****, h 1000
 Weight, kg 2.6
  Maintenance 1 visual verification/ year

* According to IEC 60038, ** According to IEC 60071-1, *** According to  IEC 60099-8, **** According to ISO 4892-2, method A, IEC 62217


Pin/Post/Pin-post insulation

  • LLPD dC20z 1a — копия.png
  • LLPD dC20z 1b — копия.png
  • LLPD dC20z 1c — копия.png

Tension insulation

  • LLPD dC20z 2a — копия.png
  • LLPD dC20z 2b — копия.png
  • LLPD dC20z 2c — копия.png

Horizontal post insulation

LLPD dC20z 4a.png

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