FPC – Fire Prevention Concentrator

FPC – Fire Prevention Concentrator

  • fpc-220.jpg
  • fpc-220.jpg
The FPC is a part of the FIPRES system for monitoring the status of the FPA sensors, for displaying and recording events and transfer information to the workstation (both local and remote). The FPA has  a 4-line LCD display with backlight, status indicators, a three-button keyboard for viewing the events

 Item name  Reference  Description 
 FPC 220  FP.CU.0000.01.WW Line of communication RS-485
 FPC 220(M1)  FP.CU.00M1.01.WW Line of communication RS-485 with M1 module 
 FPC 220(GSM)  FP.CU.0GSM.01.WW Line of communication RS-485 with GSM module.

FPC scheme.jpg

  • RS-485 (A, B) - terminal for connecting the RS-485 communication line;
    24 V (+, -) - terminal for connecting the supply line of FPA sensors;

  • 100-240 V - terminal for connecting the power line of the CPU from the AC source;

  • FUSE - fuse;

  • BAT - real-time clock battery type CR2032;

  • UART - UART connector for additional modules;

  • ISP - service connector for programming and updating software;

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