FPА – Fire Prevention Alarm

FPА – Fire Prevention Alarm

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FPА 24/0.1/0.3/1 – Fire Prevention Alarm

  • detects the threshold concentration of the signal gas in the protected object
  • transmits the alarm code via the communication line (RS-485) to the Fire Prevention Concentrator (FPC)
  • has a discrete output ("dry contact" type), activated when the sensor switches to alarm mode.
  • has a LED indicator of operating mode (READY, ALARM, ERROR) and of communication with the FPC
  • can be used with a FPC, as well as independently (in this case an alarm signal can be obtained from a discrete output of the "dry contact" type)

Item name Reference   Description
 FPA 24/0,1  FP.AL.0100.01.WW  For electrical switchgear with volume up to 0,1 m³
 FPA 24/0,3  FP.AL.0300.01.WW  For electrical switchgear with volume up to 0,3 m³
 FPA 24/1  FP.AL.1000.01.WW  For electrical switchgear with volume up to 1 m³
 FPA 24(4S)  FP.AL.004S.01.WW  Line of communication – RS-485 Modbus with 4 corded sensors

*Compatible with FPC 220S, FPC 220S (GSM) or any similar device 

FPА 24(4S) – Fire Prevention Alarm with 4 corded sensors 

  • FPA 24(4S) can be used for large switchgears / electrical panels with separated compartments
  • Each corded sensor has a sensitivity as FPA 24/1 (for 1 m³)
  • FPA can be placed outside the switchgears / electrical panel while corded sensors are placed inside

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